Know What Gosford Quarries Is All About

by Bobby Neece

You name and they do it, from providing sandstone that is used in rebuilding of historical sites and to supplying all shapes and sizes of stones required in garden supplies Canberra, they do it all. They have joined hands with local governments of various cities all over Australia including Sydney and Melbourne so that whenever a national building or site requires stone for building or renovation, it becomes easier for the officials to approach a supplier of sandstone like Gosford. Stones provided by them have now become an official part of the following structures, the central station in Sydney, cathedral of St Mary, the town hall in Sydney, and many more religious, political and social buildings and places.

No one other than them in the business is as believed in, in terms of work, and even proficient to carry out projects of these levels thus leaving behind a legacy with the body of work they do. They have been certified by Blacktown Spec and even then they continue to research and access the quality of material they provide their clients with to guarantee that the most astounding benchmark value is met by them.  Gosford has all the solutions when it comes to landscaping, be it rock for clearing, crushed rock, or logs for landscaping rocks Melbourne they have them all, and supply according to what your place requires or what you order.

In case you are planning to open up a showroom in your yard or neighborhood for supplying sandstone, it is important that you meet these specialists of sandstone who are also pioneers in this field. As services provided by Gosford extends much beyond than just dropping your sandstone order at your door step. They are there to assist you and guide you in even designing and styling an entire space. So what are you waiting for, pick up your phones and call them right away to know more about how they have in these hundred years of extracting and supplying processed stone excelled beyond imagination. Although they have been by now working for over a century, but during all these years they have evolved as a business, Gosford today has close collaboration with some of the top Australian originations in the stone business. Recently, in 2014 they have merged business with Sarkis Bros. another of Australia’s respected supplier of stone.

For those who are not quite familiar with Gosford history, here it is. They began in the year 1922, opening up their quarry of sandstone in Gosford itself, on its central coast. Known by a different name back then, there prominence increased in the decade of 1930’s up until the Second World War; day by day as they supplied the then high in demand Gosford grey stone. After the war there was only upwards growth for Gosford Quarries as an organization and as a business. As far as the future of this organization is concerned, it seems equally bright as they are ready to do anything to ensure that sandstone produced in Australia and its business stays alive.