Advantages And The Disadvantages Of The Use Of Pesticides In Farming.

by Bobby Neece

What is a pesticide?A pesticide is a chemical substance that is used mostly in plant cultivation. There are few pesticides that are used on living organisms that are a danger to plants and humans at times. There are a variety of pesticides such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and so on. Pesticides were introduced in the beginning of the 19th century. Since then pesticides have become a substance that farmers cannot live without in cultivation. However, what people fail to realize is that these chemicals are extremely harmful for the environment and the people living in it. The advantages of using pesticides. Pesticides are mainly used in cultivation as it helps the process of cultivation continue with the hindrance of any insects. For instance, the Natural fruit fly spray which is also known as the pyrethrin spray is used to reduce the population of flies that can be a distraction for the growth of certain plants. These pesticides are also used to eradicate those species which cause harm to endangered plants in large forests. Similarly, there are instances where certain pesticides have been beneficially for the soil and the environment. One good example is the natural weed killer Australia.

Natural pesticides which are created from plant parts and trees are used at present in cultivation. This does not cause harm to the nature but only is beneficial as it is a part of nature. Farmers or the governments do not have to worry about bad soil or less production in agriculture due to threats from insects as there are pesticides and weedicides to control such issues. A healthy growing cultivation indicated the development in the farming sector which adversely affects the development of the economic growth of the country. Disadvantages of pesticides.While there are many advantages as mentioned above, there are also disadvantages of using these chemical substances. Though these pesticides help uplift the standard of plants and protects the forests and endangered tress, it still causes minute effects to the environment.

Another reason for environmental pollution through pesticides occur due to the wrongful way of disposing the containers carrying pesticides. Some farmers use these pesticides in their crop plantation and dispose the empty containers in streams and rivers. This then pollutes the clean water and effects the people who consume them.

Similarly, the use of pesticides in agriculture or other natural environment over a period would make the soil in those areas to turn into barren land which would completely stop the process of any sort of cultivation in the future.