Build An Environment-Friendly Deck In Your Backyard?

by Bobby Neece

Are you planning to create a new deck in your backyard with some environment friendly materials?  Here we have some useful tips to share that will help you choose the right materials, designer and plan to get the most beautiful deck you have been wondering for so long. Wood, composite cladding, and recycled materials are some of the significant eco-friendly stuff that are mostly chosen by landowners looking forward to build their new extended deck.Building the eco-friendly houses, kit homes and even decks by using timber, plastic and composites is much in practice these days in different parts of Australia. Timber decking Newcastle is one of the most sought after options in that list. These are mainly made by recycling the shaved woods and wasted plastic. But only because of the amazing features of the composite materials, most Australians prefer making their new veranda by using this stuff.

Pick the material firstWhen you are planning to invest on a new extension in your back yard such as a deck, you have to pick the right material. If you want to keep it traditional and classy, nothing can replace timber. But if you really want to make the deck eco-friendly, better you opt for composite decking as these flooring is mainly done by recycling plastic and wood shavings. Moreover, the manufacturers assure durability and endurance to resist any weather conditions of this material. The specially treated material is excellent to resist premature decay and assures longevity.

Consider the Maintenance CostsMaintaining a wooden deck can be a matter of high maintenance. At least twice annually you have to pest control it to keep it safe from any vermin or insect attacks. Besides, if not maintained well, there are chances of decomposing of the wood after a certain point of time. Then you have to replace the portion by calling the deck builder once again. But opting for composite decking can help you stay out of all these hassles. Low maintenance is the biggest benefit of erecting a composite decking. Stop worrying about the excessive maintenance costs of the deck and reclaim to your lazy weekends!

Plan the installation Contact some of the top local engineers to get the estimate they are offering for your project. Besides, also discuss about the design and the material you are willing to choose for the new deck. Let’s see what the master builders suggest you. Usually, the top Australian deck builders nowadays suggest their clients to opt for the pre-designed composite decks instead of the traditional timber to save the present installation charges and future maintenance costs.