What Workout Suits Your Body Type The Most?

by Bobby Neece

Often, most people that workout complain of not achieving their dream body as they had hoped they would. Yet others say that they ended up gaining muscle that they did not want or losing too much weight. What can be the reason behind this? More often than not, it is because people work out without identifying their correct body type and what kind of exercise work the best for them. Here are some of the most common combination body types that can be seen and the best workouts for them. BCAA supps


In this body type the waist is much lesser in size than the hips and the chest. These people have the gift of being able to look proportionate even though they have a bit of fat on them because of their structure. If you have this body type you will notice that your upper as well as lower body have more strength than your capacity for endurance and that even if you do put on or lose weight, you can make the reverse happen pretty easily too. Try out cardio, low impact aerobic type exercises and treadmill or cycling with low tension. You can also use some strength training where you can start off with light weights and then gradually move on to moderate amounts of lifting. If you feel like you want to start using a BCAA powder, do get the advice of your instructors and even a doctor if needed.


These body types seem to have equal dimensions in their chest, waist and hip areas. They do also tend to put on more weight around the midsection. They also do not add or lose weight easily and tend to keep their weight in balance a lot of the time. Endurance is the strong point of these body types as opposed to strength training. You can try out with a lot of cardio like biking, running or even climbing up and down stairs. For the strength training quotient you can try to do above twenty reps of exercises with heavy or medium weights. Get the help of your fitness instructor and your dietician if you wish to include a BCAA supplement for better results. Click here to learn more.


Just like the name suggests the upper body is much heavier and broader than the lower body. People with this type of shape tend to have belly fat issues a lot and the arms as well as the chest can bulk up really easily even though the hips and lower body will not. If you try to do cardio with this body type just make sure that the intensity is always low to moderate in order to avoid losing more weight on the lower body. On the other hand with weights, use light weights on your upper body and moderate to high weights on the lower body.