Things To Know Before You Get A Divorce

by Bobby Neece

Getting a divorce is a difficult decision and if you have decided on this then you probably gave it a lot of thought, if you have not done so, then make sure to give it a lot of thought. Your life changes when you apply for a annulment. Everything you are used to will change. Therefore don’t take annulment lightly. However if you have given it a lot of thought and you are still absolutely sure that you want a divorce and have even consulted with divorce lawyers Melbourne then make sure to know the following.

You Will Feel Upset and Anxious

Yes, even if you were the one who wanted the divorce in the first place. During a marriage you build a lot of relationships and acquire a lot of memories. If you have been married for five years then that is five years of your life spent together with someone. The amount of memories and new relationships made in that period will be massive. You may have been very close to your spouse’s family. You probably even adopted pets together. If you had a child then that is another relationship made during the marriage. And when the marriage ends, you need to be prepared to part with most of these. It is wishful thinking to believe you will be able to continue having your relationships with your ex’s family. In some cases, yes this can still happen but in most cases they don’t. Even if you have children, you might have to apply for joint custodianship and your children might be upset themselves. A divorce is difficult for everyone involved including the children. Therefore seeing them upset will make you upset. And then the thought of saying goodbye to all the meaningful relationships made will also contribute to your anxiety and hurt. Furthermore memories with your spouse even if they were joyous will also become painful. Therefore be mentally prepared to feel the anxiety and the general feeling of being upset.

Be Ready For the Challenges Ahead

When the divorce is finalized, you will have to now face life as a single person. If you used to rely on your spouse’s income, then after a divorce you will have to depend on your own income. You will also have to find a place to stay and most courts would require you to have a few things before you get to have joint custodianship or your children over. You will need to find a place to stay that has room for your children and yourself and these may not always be cheap. Furthermore you will have bills to pay and you will have to pay them by yourself. Therefore even before the divorce is finalized, speak to your family lawyers Melbourne Western Suburbs and decide on a budget you would need and see if any assets can be split between your spouse and yourself. This could help you be prepared for the challenges ahead after the divorce. However make sure that you approach it in a mature manner and do not try to rip your spouse off. They are human beings too and the annulment will affect them as well, so keep your conscience alive and do not do anything to them that you would not like being done to you.