Managing Space: How To Maximize Your Space

by Bobby Neece

Having limited space could be daunting whether it is at your home or at work place. The feelings of Closter phobia and limitedness and bumping into each other could be rather unpleasant and not anything to look forward to at all. Added to this will be the tall cabinets and large tables that you must have in order to function properly. So much so that you cannot hire the extra hands you really need because there is not enough space. Real estate costs are high, and if you are a start-up company or a business then you really cannot afford that large open space. The good news is that there are still a few things we can do hopefully at a very low budget that could help us to not have to move to a new location but make it more work friendly.

Have a plan
Your plan should essentially include three elements. One is the budget. You might have to consider the space available in square feet and decide on how much you are willing to spend and could spend. Your budget might defer depending on the kind of changes you need to attend to. Do an inventory of what you have and what you use it for. This would help you to have a clear understanding of what is really needed. Involve your employees in the decision making process. They could give you great input as to what is truly necessary. You will be able to decide how much DIY could be done as opposed to contracting everything out, which would cost some considerable dollars at your end.

Not everything will cost a bunch
Paper, though very thin can take up a mighty lot of space when you actually file them and store them in cabinets or cupboards. Try going paperless as much as possible. This has advantages of its own which is beyond space saving. You are going green by using less paper, the possibility of misplacing documents or cluttering becomes much, much, less. Almost zero. This would also mean you have a strong online back-up system. This you could even set-up to be accessed remotely, helping you with the congestion issue. To know more about shop fitters Joondalup, visit

Selection of furniture
You might have to let go of that large office table which takes up 20 percent of the total space available. Small furniture can be practical. There are plenty of innovative shopfitters designed simply to accommodate such needs. Think shelves and think vertical. These are great storage spaces. Leaf drop tables with drawers is yet another. Don’t be limited in your thinking. Instead browse for the latest work designs. Don’t fret over about a meeting room with a meeting table and chairs, it is found that stand-up meetings are the best for saving time and in your case space as well.