Successful Maintenance Of A Warehouse

by Bobby Neece

Running a warehouse can be quite complex and it involves the cooperation of many parts, not just logistics. For a warehouse to complete its purpose successfully not only does it have to store and distribute goods, it also has to keep the said goods secure. One of the main threats to warehouse safety is fire and this will be even more hazardous if the storage material has a particularly flammable nature. Another threat is burglary. We will be discussing a few issues that concern the safety of a warehouse and the transported goods in the article below.

Materials stored in the warehouse

There is a wide variety of materials that can be stored in a warehouse from valuable items, fragile goods and fire hazards. You have to be very careful when it comes to storing flammable items properly. There have to be adequate fire prevention measures as well. This would include a modern fire detection system complete with sprinklers and smoke detectors. The entry and exit doors to the warehouse have to be inured to fire. If any of these measures are missing or improperly executed, transport companies Perth stand to lose precious cargo.

Execution of security measures

Freight companies have to employ a wide range of security measure to keep their cargo safe. Some of these measures include electronic surveillance equipment and highly trained security personnel. Their sole purpose would be to provide top notch security to the warehouse and the contents within it. Some areas will have to be under heavy surveillance. These areas will contain the most valuable cargo. Employees need to have a thorough understanding of the security measure installed at the warehouse and any new changes that occur. If there are no employees at the site during night time, a security patrol will have to be kept on duty. 

Effective training of staff

The staff has to know their roles and responsibilities well enough to handle emergencies calmly. They need a thorough training of security protocols and fire drills with a proper understanding of how to store goods safely. Different types of goods need different methods of care. For example, storage of flammable material has to be done very carefully. They will also need proper handling. Safe handling will include protective gear for the employees. Regular evacuation drills and fire assessment will ensure a fast and efficient response from the staff at emergencies.

Dependable employees

You need to employ trustworthy employees to rule out theft. For this, you have to do thorough background checks on anyone you hire to be sure of their reliability. Regular stock checks can make sure that the products are maintained well without any foul play. You can further simplify the checking process by dividing sections of the warehouse and assigning a specific person to maintain the inventory of that section. This method can be used for large warehouses as well.