The Three Stages Of Pregnancy

by Bobby Neece

Conceiving a child is the biggest happiness in a married couple’s life. Most people try to conceive for many years and some people conceive very early. Either way once the news has been received everyone in the family is overjoyed. There are three stages that are involved in pregnancy by dividing the 9 months (40 weeks); the first, second and third trimester. 

The First Trimester

The first trimester involves the first 3 months of pregnancy. This begins immediately after fertilisation. This is when the body undergoes several hormonal changes and the mother starts to feel different physical changes as well. The first trimester is a very crucial time because the baby just starts to develop. The obstetrician will give you several tips and also different supplements in order to help the growth of the baby. There are several things that have to be avoided during pregnancy such as drinking alcohol because these can all affect the growth of the baby. Generally at this stage, mothers are more prone to miscarriages, but if they take enough care of the eating and drinking habits and follow all that the doctor says correctly then the risk could be drastically reduced. 

The Second Trimester

Generally this is the time when most of the initial and uncomfortable symptoms disappear and the mother’s stomach starts to show the growth of the baby. At this time the mother tends to gain a lot of weight and starts eating more. At the same time, it is very important that the pregnant mothers do a lot of exercise like walking, swimming in order to avoid complications for increased weight. This is also the time when some mothers acquire diabetes, known as gestational diabetes. Therefore this would also be amongst the tests that are done. The baby’s growth can be clearly seen at this period and parents who would like to know the gender of the baby would also get to know it at this stage.

The Third Trimester

At this stage, mothers will have to visit the OB Melbourne much more frequently for all sorts of tests to make sure that the baby is healthy. And at this time it would be advised not to travel and mothers have to take special care when moving and doing work. The doctor would also check the fatal position in order to determine if the mother is nearing childbirth. When the mothers near their due date it is best to visit the doctor more regularly and maybe even get admitted. At the end of this stage the baby will be born.

Special Care

Since the pregnancy is a crucial stage of your life, it is best to know about all these details beforehand. It is also best to meet your doctors regularly and also follow their advice in order to give birth to a healthy baby.