What Do Tradies Do?

by Bobby Neece

At some point in our lives we will need to hire a tradie or tradies. We will usually need to hire them to make repairs or renovations on our homes, but sometimes, especially if we are the boss or own businesses, we will have to hire them to make repairs or renovations on our offices.

There are different types of tradies out there qualified to complete different specialist tasks. The different types of tradies qualified to make residential and commercial space repairs include: bricklayer, cabinet maker, carpenter, cleaner, construction worker, electrician, gardener, all-in-one handymen and a plumber.

Bricklayers generally perform building work with bricks but sometimes they can perform repairs on brick buildings if need be. Cabinet makers also perform building work, but the most important part of their job is proper measurements as the cabinets have to fit the walls and the space. Carpenters generally work with wood and can repair floors, decks, pergolas, renovations and even home and office extensions.

Cleaners can range from deep vacuum and roof-to-floor cleaning to domestic cleaning such as washing dishes, vacuuming and making the bed—housekeeping cleaning. Construction workers usually assist with the construction of buildings or extensions. Electricians generally install electrical wiring and outlets and usually do so to fit the blue prints and architecture. Gardeners maintain the health and aesthetic of the home or office garden.

All-in-one handymen can make repairs to almost any aspect of a home or office such as electrical, paint, plumbing and tiles. They may not be experts but they know what they are doing. Plumbers can provide plumbing services by making sure that pipes work and the water is clean and flowing properly.

All of these tradies can be available to install, build, perform scheduled and needed maintenance, specially electrician in Brookvale, as well as do any other work for your home and office. They can also perform emergency maintenance, some tradies even specialise in emergency repairs, plumbers are known for their ability to perform emergency repairs.  Tradies are also available either individually or as part of a commercial company, such as a commercial plumbing company.

When hiring tradies, remember to take the work that you want done or needs to be done, the time it will take and your budget into consideration. This is especially important with big jobs and renovations such as bathroom and kitchen renovations as they will cause several inconveniences and are cost heavy. The tradies should be able to inform you on how long a job will take, how much it will cost and what you can and can’t do near the site when the job is being completed. There are also sorts of tradies out there that are available when we needed them, the options and the services are endless. They can easily be found in the phonebook or online.